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A rerun of, get ready, Hour of Slack Number Three from October 1985. We had done only two prior shows in the crude KNON Dallas studio, and Stang was obviously still unfamiliar with the equipment. The amazing things about this episode are the special guests: three of the key early SubGenius Doktors were all somehow in Dallas that week. We had just done the Scary Ball Devival at the Twilight Room with Drs. 4 Bob. The oldest known SubGenius, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon had come for that... from BRAZIL. The normal-age Dr. Gary G'broagfran was there from Berkeley, and the then youngest SubGenius, Dr. Onan Canobite had come from Knoxville Tennessee. We ALL sound like BABIES. Miraculous! -- that everyone on that recording is still alive. PROOF OF "BOB" right there, my fellow prayer partners. Or... payer partners.


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