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This is not exactly a rerun, but it was recorded on Halloween night of 1985. The great SubGenius ranter and assassin G. Gordon Gordon was in town from Bolivia, and we'd been invited to Karen Denard's popular nightly talk show on the Dallas NPR station, KERA. Pastor Buck Naked was also there. This would have been Hour of Slack #4, but, it was a competing station's show so we waited almost three years and then played it in small bits and pieces over several Hours of Slack, around show #150. So this is the first time it's ever been played in its whole one-hour form on Hour of Slack. Many of the callers were Dallas SubGenii, pretending to be new to it. The callers, Buck Naked and GGG were all in very fine form that night, and the host was super cool. Proof that David Letterman's producers shouldn't have been too chickenshit to have us on his show.

The Internet version is "clean," but has a lot of news tacked onto the end, plus some cool Swinging Love Corpses music.


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