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Stang was laid up from a minor back injury for a whole week, so this is another rerun -- but it is one of the WEIRDEST episodes ever. In 1986 Stang was having fun doing crazy sound effects mixes on a 4-track reel-to-reel deck, partly inspired by Negativland's groundbreaking third album, "A Big 10-8 Place." Half this show is that very album. The other half is Stang's nutty mixes, including a crude "radio play" improvised on location in the wilds of Stang Ranch by Stang and his six-year-old son Xandy, with sound effects and music mixed in later. Xandy and Daddy must fight monsters and find the lost SubGenius colony on Planet Palenquedu, using the Show as a weapon. This episode, like Negativland's album, was produced especially to be heard in stereo headphones and without distractions for utmost "trippy" effect. (Ironically, the now one-eared Rev. Stang can no longer enjoy it that way!) There's also some Puzzling Evidence radio show, Pope Sternodox and doktor-music.

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