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RADIO SAFE! And it's a rerun, a real oldie. Hour of Slack #535, 1996. It's WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON X-DAY, in excruciating detail. It features what may well be the most forceful (and informative!) rants ever delivered by both Rev. Ivan Stang and Dr. K'taden Legume, sermons recorded in moments when those worthies were totally caught up in the thrall of "Bob" -- divine messengers, as it were, helpless to do anything but preach the hardest truths of SubGenius Orthodox Dobbsian doctrine. Punctuating these heart-staking sermons are some of the most intensive so-called "Media Barrage tapes" from the 1980s, especially segments from St. Byron Werner's historic cassette collage masterpieces "Space Age Bachelor Pad" (the actual origin of that hipster genre catch-phrase) and "Dougs, Drugs and Doctors." Voices heard from the old SubGenius Media Barrage tapes include Dr. Philo Drummond, Hellswami Satellite Weavers (the great SubGenius "ur-illustrator" narrating into a tape deck on a drive through Meteor Crater, Arizona), Former Pastor Buck Naked, Dobbs' bodyguard Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Pope Michael Flores and even Janor, back in the olden days. We should have been running this episode annually, and would do so henceforth, were not X-Day imminently nigh.

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