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Like last week, three different shows are interspersed: The Too Late Show from the wee hours of July 5, a live Hour of Slack with Stang, Dr. Hal and Papa Joe Mama from July 4 (also recorded at Land of Id Resort in Florida), and a phone-in from Lonesome Cowboy Dave recorded at Tarzan's on Stang Ranch. The Too Late Show was hosted by Rev. Fidd Chewley and features an interview with Rev. Purge, an actual adult film star, who answer's Fidd's lascivious questions about the behind-the-scenes details of her work. Music is by Rubix Pube, The Rudy Schwartz Project, and the very last song is by Ego Plum (although we didn't learn that until after the show was finished.) LeMur did the titles, news and weird short cut-ins.

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