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The pattern (and Stang's spinal therapy) continues with another THOUSAND-SHOW-OLD SHOW! YET AGAIN, AGAIN! #1854 is really #854, rerun from 2002. In those days, when we had a lot of new material, we broke it up into "themes" just as an arbitrary way of organizing the mass of sound files. The theme in this case developed when Dr. Philo Drummond unearthed some old tapes of The Pink Boyz, the rock band headed by the late Dr. X, a brief and early co-sub-founder of the Church. Dr. X, Stang's best pal in high school, died young of drugs -- mostly alcohol. Luckily the depressing nature of the alcoholism theme is offset by the inanity of the counterbalancing psychedelics theme. There's some excellent ESO Swamp Radio ranting, LeMurian collage, and music by Consortium of Genius, Dr. Onan's Wotan Band, The Pink Boyz, The Rainmakers, Reagan's Polyp, Kim Fowley, and Rocko Schwab.

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