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A rerun of a rerun of a rerun! We must wonder how deep they'll eventually go, drilling into the past -- perhaps to avoid an uncertain future? Or just to reanimate greatness long thought extinct, like the recreation of mammoths from frozen DNA? Perhaps an even more pertinent question: who cares? 

HoS #447 (rerun as #859 in 2002) was a 1994 compilation of some of the best bits from the 1991 Hour of Slack and KPFA shows regarding the Gulf War, with some things that came later, especially a collage video by Patriris. A highlight is the Kyle Kossup song, "America Feels Good About Itself." Some 2002 live ESO radio on the then-current War Thing fills it out.

It is uncanny how perfectly appropriate the January 1991 Gulf War material sounded in October 2002 and now sounds in 2021.

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