The SubGenius Hour of Slack Podcast
The Church of the SubGenius Weekly Radio Ministry

RADIO SAFE VERSION. Although the hole in Stang's back is beginning to close up, he went and broke his foot, which is his latest excuse for running thousand-episode-old reruns. This one's from 2000 and has a little bit of everything old, good and indifferent. Pat Boone covering Metallica, The Great Groovy Neptune, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Stang ranting at events, the mysterious Banjo Bob, Jehovah Hates Phred, Mystik Homeboy, Jimmy Ryan music, Father Guido Sarducci on the Church, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, The Persuasions covering Zappa a capella, Bro. Cleve Dinkan, Rev. LeChuck doing the title song, BCGD, and GNEP.

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