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This episode is not a rerun. We broke out of the thousand-episode-old-rerun RUT, and editor Stang's broken and swollen body parts are healing, even possibly mutating slightly. This is a NEW show, but by the mysterious entity in deepest Cleveland who goes by the name SHERIDAN. It is INTENSE, and there is no explanation of its various ingredients, which are all over the sonic map. We hope to fire up Tarzan’s Radio Station next week and start recording new shows again with call-in guests like Lonesome Cowboy Dave, who like Stang is not quite dead yet. RADIO SAFE.

1 LeMur -HOS_Intro810 00:29

2 Rev. Bleepo Abernathy - Message from Space 00:36

3 Stang Intro 02:38

4 Sheridan Media Barrage 01 28:48

5 Sheridan Media Barrage 02 25:35

6 Stang sings song by Pope Unholy Protuberance - A Pipeful of Sin 01:27

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