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Hour of Slack #1216 - 12X-Day E - July 5, 7 a.m.: The Rupture While this episode features various other weird sounds, such as the Puzzling Evidence show, nice stretches of "live" Hour of Slack with Dr. Hal and Priestess Pisces, recorded on the Brushwood main stage, and music from 12 X-Day by The Amino Acids and Fat Free, much of it -- the heavily-edited parts that sound like they're recorded outdoors in the cold, cold wind -- are from a little recorder that was in Rev. Ivan Stang's preachin' jacket pocket during the morning of July 5, as the SubGeniuses awaited the arrival of the alien Escape Saucers and the end of the world. Also heard are the gathered SubGeniuses' reactions when things didn't go quite as planned.
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