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Hour of Slack #1239 -- Live 01-10-10 - "Live Yourself to Death" Is Slack wrong? This and many other subjects of crucial interest to SubGeniuses are covered in this hour by Rev. Stang, Princess Wei and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Includes: Wei retired. Matter over mind. Upcoming SubG events. Take Care of Your Brain. Dr. Legume's heart attacks. Not intelligence but sanity. Internetry. Pump up your sanity. We dropped -- microlife report. Old cave-coders, napping out code with flint. Pappy and links. Monsters hear my prayers. Manswers = Ow My Balls. Underpants bomber. Alex Jones will die with the sheeple. Jealous of Unhappy People - "If only I could get rid of this Slack!" Also: all-new music by Thigmotactic (Negativland), Rural War Room, Gadgetto; new collagist Local Color.
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