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Hour of Slack #1249 - Rerun of #775 (2001 ESO, Puzzling Evidence, Winterstar)

Your host and prayer partner Rev. Stang is immersed in finishing up Stage Two of a big SubGenius project, so we're falling back on selected, well-aged shows from The Day. This particular one, stored in an oaken keg for 9 years, is the New Year/Last Show (of Y2K) from Puzzling Evidence, Phineas Narco and Dr. Philo Drummond, mixed with a post-Winterstar Swamp Radio from Prof. Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang, as well as live Winterstar devival and ESO song recordings. Also: media barrages by Jupiter Research and Rev. Nu-Monet (who we just learned is still alive and well, but in a radically changed clone version since two X-Days ago). A very strange song by Skip & The Elite is also included.

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