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Hour of Slack #1250 - Communications Theory Special - Live March 28, 2010

Much ground is fertilized by the droppings from this live show. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Wei, and Stang signify on: Communication theory; New Age military and The Men Who Stare at Goats; Church confusion and the scraping-off of Skull Barnacles; the death of the oceans; the horror of reading Yahoo News comments; locust plagues; the magic urinal; Southpark; subliminimal messages imbedded in the novel FLICKER; media thoery; The Ded Dave Show; wikipedia, and the nature of Slack. New songs and collages by: The Rudy Schwartz Project, LeMur, Amit Lissack, The Lone Star Tall Boys, Rev. Bozowolf, Mr. Rection, The El Queso All Stars.

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