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Hour of Slack #1252 -- Live 2010-4-11 - Yeti Diversity

Collages and music in the first 20 minutes and the last 5. In between, the rest is a yakathon by Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Lonesome Rev. Stang (Princess Wei was busy elsewhere that night). SubGects covered: X-Day - the horror of Yahoo News Comments sections - Dave's Mind Sap - Poles grieve - Nuclear Beer: prophecy fulfilled! - There's Nothing You Can Do That "Bob" Doesn't Want You to Do - NoThink  and BreakMind - X-Day got Farked - Computer memory and bad memories are cheap, good memories are dear - Devil in the Monastery - Audtralopithecus in WalMart - Yeti Diversity - Mutation - Pull the Wen Over Your Own Eye - Everybody gets an Empire eventually. Music by Pilgrim peakeasy, Jonathan Coulton. Much LeMurian collage.

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