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Hour of Slack #1272 -- XXX-Rated Girls-Only Sex Advice Special

Boy howdy, do we have something DIFFERENT this time. At the 13X-Day Drill, there suddenly evolved an  All-UberFemme Live Hour of Slack Panel. Yes, it is an Hour of Slack featuring ONLY female voices. Well, for the first couple of minutes you'll hear the shift from all-testosterone voices to all-sexy, naughty girl voices. The main Connietite panelists were: Rev. Enshrina (Ministry of Slack), Priestess Pisces, Rev. Pockets (also Ministry of Slack), Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Popess Pantiara Evokavitch. And Pisces sings of Connie at the end, with the band 6-Fisted Tales of Connie. ((Editor's Note: The broadcast radio version of this show required more 'bleeping' of profanity than has any other episode in the history of the Hour of Slack.))

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