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Hour of Slack #1298 - Live 11/2/27: SubGenius Family Vacation

We would like to apologize to all our listeners for subjecting them to an a capella SubGenius parody by Stang and Wei of "The Oldest Established" from the classic musical, "Guys and Dolls" by Frank Loesser. We had to do it, and we had to do it live in the WCSB studios. Luckily, it is preceded by a dozen wonderful collages by The Large (and one by Rev. Slanderbob) as well as clips from Puzzling Evidence involving The Large as a caller (presumably; The Large remains mysterious to us). Following the excruciating but X-Day-related "song," Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to comment on Ivan Stang and Princess Wei's hopefully humorous observations about highway travel, Quaint America and its denizens following a two-month "working vacation" that was considerably more vacation than work.

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