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Hour of Slack #1134 - Amsterdam SubGenius Devival 2007 Pt 1 We're standing under the Overtoom, in a subterranean pirate radio basement station in Amsterdam, Holland. Dr. Hal is here, and Princess Wei, Pope Black, and Governor Rocknar, and a number of humans or SubGeniuses wearing Dobbsheads masks, making the whole scene look like some kind of warped, twisted Fellini movie. Yes, it's like living in a foreign film. Everything is there except the subtitles; and oh, how I miss the subtitles, which might explain to me what the hell is really going on here. But, of that I remain ignorant, as perhaps you too the listener. All we can do is have faith, yes faith in that FACE of JR Bob Dobbs. That endless, bedotted, half-tone -- oh, sometimes high contrast -- FACE. If we can but seize upon that as the FOCUS of our attention, our LOVE and our thoughts, perhaps we can be safely guided back to a place of COOL music, and cool speech, talking and so forth. But in the meantime, we're trapped, here in this clammy basement with the Church of the SubGenius.
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