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Hour of Slack #1198 - Rev. Susie The Floozy & The Amazing Killagiastestes This episode spotlights new music from some strangely unheard-of ensembles, as well as The Kleptones; we hear the unforgettable, uncircumcised, incredibly passionate rant by Rev. Susie the Floozy from the Baltimore 2008 SubGenius Devival; and we hurt ourselves real bad with toxic kill-lage by Rev. Norel Pref and the great Fernandinande LeMur. This is a good one for headphones: very dense! -- and yet, unusually danceable! IMPORTANT NOTE to radio stations copping these free Internet show versions for airplay: Susie's rant has about 25 "fucks" in it. The $5 broadcast radio version has none.
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