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Hour of Slack #1228 -- Balloon Boy Live Special 10-18-2009 For once, Hour of Slack offers a news scoop. It turns out that in 2002, the son of Stang (now a director in Hollywood) was employed by Richard Heene, father of the kid known as Balloon Boy. This live show (featuring guest cowpoke Lonesome Cowboy Dave) is a look into the minds, such as they are, of the Heenes, with rather revealing recordings of their 911 calls, testimony about them by young Stang and another former employee of the Heenes, and numerous poems by the writers of alt.slack that were composed during the hoax-news event. We also delve into kookdom in general and the relationships of various kooks with the mass media. A big song by Little Fyodor caps the show.
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Hour of Slack #1227 - Starwood Festival 2009 Pt. 2 We return to Starwood Festival with Rev. Stang's sermon to the pagans, an interview from Right Where You Are Sitting Now about Starwood, and several bits of location recordings. Little Fyodor and Babushka contribute a song from their new album, and the show is generally punctuated with collages by LeMur and others. Puzzling Evidence is represented. Our frequent caller Bernard is again featured, and we close with the late Prof. Chas Smith's classic "Jaguar Night," performed at Starwood by Witch Disco (the descendant of Chas Smith's band, Einstein's Secret Orchestra).
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