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Hour of Slack #1230 - Rerun of #374 - Revelation X Uncut This is a rerun of episode number 374 from early 1993, when we were still in Dallas. We have lots of recordings on hand from the recent devival in Portland, but we are in the middle of a somewhat larger SubGenius project and rather than edit those new cuss-filled rantings, we're saving time with this fine rerun, which includes readings from REVELATION X, the SubGenius book that was in progress at the time. Incidentally, there is now an archive of mp3s of hundreds of old, uncut Hours of Slack from the 90s, free for downloading, and if you want to check those out, see and click on the RADIO button in the upper left. That will show you links to the old shows, hundreds of newer shows, and text logs of every track on every show. You can even... subscribe. There is a Church devival in Detroit on Nov. 28, with The Amino Acids and many more, and weekly subrants by Pope Mike Flores in Chicago every week of December -- for info see the EVENTS page at
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