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Hour of Slack #1301 - Starwood 3 + Live on Gadhafi 3-20-2011

This week we deliver the promised ECC mash-up of JoCo's "Code Monkey," some other ECC, the question-and-answer session with Stang plus a Wei-Phat ManDee duet from Starwood 30 (2010), some Puzzling Evidence and colLarge. The second half of the show is live from the WCSB studio with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in to discuss War #3 in Libya. Stang reads some revealing sections from Moamar Gadhafi's "THE GREEN BOOK" as well as a short new rant by Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite. The upcoming 14 X-Day is discussed at some length. The show ends with an extremely catchy song by International Espionage! probably recorded at the DEVOtional of 2010. Special thanks to Paul Mavrides for the Gadhafi-head (from 1987!) and to Rev. Carter LeBlanc for Gadhafi's "THE GREEN BOOK."

New 14 X-Day promo pages (adults only):

A nice shot of the Gadhafi-Head Football discussed on the show, from 13X-Day:

There are some photos of Starwood 30 at Wisteria at:

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