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HOUR OF SLACK #1303 - Rerun of #553 (1996) - Stang Fail / Christian Bashing

We are having a busy week so we picked a rerun that has been begging for 15 years to be reran. The first half is mostly a prime excerpt from the Chas-Stang-Dave ESO Swamp Radio shows of the '90s, an improvised mini-play in which SubGenius scribe Stang goes from being welcomed into the Conspiracy of the Rich to bumming wine money from Dave. The second half is largely from the Columbus 1996 devival, with a heartfelt anti-Christian rant by Rev. Steve Slack. It's all punctuated by some well-chopped Christian anti-drug praying and two songs by My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult. There is even a mini-rant by Rev. Jesus of the Church of the SubGenius.

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