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Hour of Slack #1304 - Rerun of #1003 (2005) - 8X-Day/Starwood: Scoring Anyway

It's reruns again because we have to edit the taxes instead of new shows -- personal taxes as well as the Church taxes. YES, THE CHURCH TAXES.

This one is from only 6 years ago, but it has lots of Dr. Hal, Dr. Drummond, and Dr. Sinister along with us regulars, and some great collages from back when Rev. Norel Pref and Mr. F. LeMur were still sending them. Not much music, though. The X-Day subject matter is still as pertinent today as it was then -- DAMN IT -- except that the X-Day and Starwood festivals are now held at a much better place, Wisteria in Southern Ohio, every July 5 weekend.

To be honest, the main reason I picked this one is because it's one of the earliest that doesn't require a replacement of the PO Box number at the end, so I don't have to remake the MP3s and so forth. THAT'S how pressed for time and distracted I am right now. I have to RECYCLE Slack this week because mine has been used up dealing with Slack-theft. (After having Starwood "stolen" by Brushwood (or what was once Brushwood) last year, this year we are dealing with a "SubGenius" who is trying to steal X-DAY ITSELF, if you can imagine that.)

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