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Except for some old Puzzling Evidence short clips that Wei found by MAGIC, and the ending rant, this episode (and 3 more you may never hear) was edited two weeks ago. But ONE week ago I realized that tragedy had already long since struck -- my eyes were finally opened by my bank account being shut. In true desperation I tacked on the ending rant. It is entirely serious and explains our situation. Long story short: we're worse, WAY worse, than just broke. (By "broke," for those who STILL don't get it, I mean FINANCIALLY broke -- deep in debt.) I didn't understand how bad the situation really was until I started asking for help online last week, and got lots of nice words, and some very nasty words, but mostly got ignored. Worse, some "SubGeniuses" razzed the more helpful ones for even suggesting that The SubGenius Foundation SELL THINGS. Uh… is the the church I thought it was? Did somebody pull a switcheroo? I had to ask myself: WHAT WOULD "BOB" DO? This is our next-to last-chance cry for help: FINANCIAL HELP -- not words of thanks, as DESPERATELY NEEDED as those were, and as much as I personally appreciate what we DID get along those lines. Actually there is one more step we can take if this extreme measure doesn't work. It's a step that only "Bob" himself would dare take.

For, next, unfortunately for many, many GimmeBobs, comes the SELLING. The uncontrollable rabid part that we kept chained as long as we possibly could.

Aside from all that, until you get to the ending, this is a really hilarious and/or inspiring episode! It is dedicated to Dr. Dark, Rev. Louie Louie, WEFT, WQFS, Rob Szarka of WCNI, Wei, Pisces, Suds, Legume and Nickie, all of the SubGeniuses who helped before I even began begging.

Photo & Text Report on 14X-Day Drill

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