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Hour of Slack #1334 - Live 11-13-11 - "God Told Me To"

Old and new rants by Stang and Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw; Puzzling Evidence radio clips from KPFA Berkeley; old and new songs by The Psycho Skeletons, The Great Groovy Neptune and The Rudy Schwartz Project, Little Jack Melody, plus a mystery song of old; collages by LeMur and De Capitater; and half live at WCSB with Stang, Dave & Wei. Subjects covered include: Sexcrement - us and commercial radio - "Bob's" surprise appearances at Starwood, 14X-Day, WCSB videos on YouTube/revstang - Censoring The Girls of X-Day - Witches' Tits Vs. Gravediggers' Asses - People Against Free Speech Against the Rich - Stock Market is Up; Black Rhinos are down - Science According to Impotent Businessmen - God spoke to Stang - Mormons and Subs - God and the Republicans - Mattresse - future blending of sexes: 5 different ones - marriage between shemales and he-femmes. And much more.



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