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Hour of Slack #1335 - Themeless Live Show 11-20-11 with Priestess Pisces, Pater & Petal Nostril

This show ended up even more chaotic than I, Stang, expected, and I expected chaos. For the first time ever, I let somebody besides Lonesome Cowboy Dave phone in and participate: Priestess Pisces. This was also the first time we've had live guests in the studio besides Dr. Hal, Dr. Sinister or Paul Krassner, if my memory serves me -- much less TWO Space Princesses. After the requisite 15 minutes of songs/collages/mini-sermons (Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw, Little Jack Melody, The Puzzling Evidence Show, The Duke of Uke and The Rudy Schwartz Project), it's all talk. Subjects include: the Buzz of Dave; scrapple; the new Google+ and Twitter sites by which I am gradually being replaced by tough women who use me as their plaything; The Rudy Schwartz Project videos; horrible recent news-making events and even worse puns derived thereof; controlled nose hair growth; pepper spray as a sex aid; "Bob's" DePends; some talk of Thatan's problems at Starwood and 14X-Day Drill; and Lonesome Cowboy Dave's habit of saying "I'm sorry" a lot. It ends with a special recent cut by DEVO.


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