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Hour of Slack #1343 - Rerun of #485 (1995) "CONSPIRACY"

The Church Audio Monks in Dobbstown unearthed this excellent fossil episode at a dig in Vault Canyon -- this was found at the Cassette Tape Masters layer, dating it to around 1995 or 1996. These were the "Golden Shower Years" of the SubGenius/ESO Swamp Radio shows (WCSB, Cleveland), when Prof. Chas Smith led Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Rev. Stang through maze-like live shows -- with live musical accompaniment by Chas and other ESO musicians). Pieces of those were then scavenged for Hours of Slack, interspersed with songs, collages, and weird radio history clips, in this case including Rev. Mojo Nixon, a memorable Papa Joe Mama Sermon from a Pittsburg devival, Rev. Bill T. Miller's Out of Band Experience (OBE), a reading by Stang from his BIG BOOK OF CONSPIRACIESintro, the one and only Joe Auffrict, Cleveland Satanist, in clips from an interview before his comedy career, Philo's little brother Sphinx on Puzzling Evidence, Stang reading the greatest Nenslo SubGenius Conspiracy rant. Begins with clips from Rev. Bleepo Abernathy and Rev. Nick Nolin. Doesn't end.

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