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Hour of Slack #1352 - SubGenius Family Vacation Part 2: The Ensickening

The one's a mixture of Stang & Doe's Location Road Trip Reports -- they were looking for America, and found it sprawled all over the place -- and miscellaneous SubGeniusness, songs, sermons, and collages. Includes: Sermons with Suds, by Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw; The Large; Radio Synaesthesia from WCSB Cleveland, Puzzling Evidence from KPFA Berkeley, The Ask Dr. Hal Show podcast, the all-Zappa show of Krell and Pope Sternodox in Little Rock, rare Firesign Theater, The Psycho Skeletons, and Popess Lilith (added at the very end at the last minute, and thus uncredited). Rev. Stang and Princess Wei report from the secret hide-outs of Rev. Pockets and Dr. K'taden Legume, Rev. Susie the Floozie, and Pope Sternodox. Note: Stang was no longer spreading contagion after depositing one last dose on Rev. Susie. However, he did not stop TALKING about it, and thus continued to make others sick.

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