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Hour of Slack #1362 - More ASK DR. HAL Show with Drummond, Stang, Zero Boy

In February, 2012, SubGenius Church co-sub-founders Dr. Philo Drummond and I, Stang appeared with other guests twice on Dr. Hal's 2-hour show on Radio Valencia in San Francisco. The first broadcast -- and three Puzzling Evidence shows -- are strewn about other Hours of Slack, along with collages, songs and location reports, with more of all that to come when we regain our Time Control. However, this legend-shrouded second Hal show, just excavated from a layer of the archives, has not been chopped up and categorized, and, best of all, with only a few edits wass Hour-of-Slack-ready. Also, a guest on this show was an entity known as Zero Boy, an advanced expermental improv robot. I cannot wait to hear the next model.

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