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Hour of Slack #1381 -- Your Night in the Barrel of the Bands (15X-Day)

After Herculean effort we have tweaked and titled our recordings of many top notch superweirdo and nerd-spazz-rock bands that took the stage at 15X-Day weekend: Amoeba Knievel, The Evolution Control Committee, The Slot Rods (close personal friends of The Amino Acids), Andrew the Impaled, and more; the aforementioned have a song or two each in this show, broken up by a live "radio" panel with preachers Dr. Hal Robins, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Dr. Philo Drummond, and Rev. Stang. Sam Singleton, the Atheist Evangelist, delivers part 3 of his amazing and searing rant. LeMur provides PR Gnus; and The Psycho Skeletons offer a new song (albeit recorded in their studio rather than in the wind at 15X-Day). Rev. Baby Bear joins the Hour of Slack vocal cast with this show.

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