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Hour of Slack #1382 - The Wit & Wisom of Yahoo News Commenters (Live 9-7-12)

We try to avoid Pink human politics, but we'd be remiss not to stink it up at election time. After some good music by Andrew the Impaled, The Evolution Control Committee, and Tommy Amoeba's new band Amoeba Knievel (plus some fine old and new collages, mostly by LeMur), the live part starts. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in to the station, and then he, Wei and Rev. Stang read through a selection of "LIBTARD AND OBUMMER HATERS," all enacted word-for-word from actual -- and, sadly, extremely typical -- comments culled from the ends of Yahoo News articles. We understand that the Libtards aren't angels. But they also aren't as eager to share their grammatical expertise with the world as the Romneyites, especially following the infamous "47 %" blurtings. Music by The Slot Rods and an old timey Stang rant help wash out the filth afterwards.

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