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Hour of Slack #1387.5 XXX-Rated - 15X-Day Internet-Only Special

This is one of our rare Internet-Only shows, composed of audio that would be pointless if rendered fuckless and shitless for broadcast radio. Aside from Legume's reworking of the infamous Shelley Dankert rant and the LeMur titles, it's all from 15X-Day, with rants by Dr. Philo Drummond (WARNING: "Who We Hate" is not very "p.c."), Rev. Pockets, Rev. Suds Pshaw, and Rev. Stang, plus much excellent improv doktor jamming with disgusting and filthy vocals by Rev. Angry Larry, Phat ManDee and especially Priestess Pisces. First of two XXX-X-Day episodes.

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