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Hour of Slack #1389 - Live 2012-11-25 - The Maya Prophecy

This live episode is largely centered around two subjects: songs about stupidity, and the Maya prophecy of the world ending on Dec. 21, 2012. The music includes The Rudy Schwartz Project, Jonathan Coulton, Wei's new "discovery" Ted Ganger, and even ZZ Top! LeMur and The Large collages round it out. As usual, the live parts with StangDoe and LoneCow Dave are all over the place, but there's much discussion of the Maya in general and the famous prophecy, including Stang reading from IN THE COURT OF THE SUN and THE SACRIFICE GAME by Brian D'Amato (HIGHLY recommended black-humor historical science fiction). Also: the tragic end of The Onion mailing print copies to subscribers signals potential mass killings at Post Offices. The Internet version of this show includes an extra 8 minutes of StangDoe chatting with Dr. Sinister while waiting for him to take over the controls and start his show, Radio Synesthesia.

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