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Hour of Slack #1392 - Rerun #926, BACK ON "BOB"

This is truly an old-school "Bob"-centric episode: SubGenius "back-to-the-Pamphlet" fundamentalism, with everything from the oldest Glassmadness Dobbs hymns to more recent Dobbsedelia by LeMur and Einstein's Secret Orchestra. Well, recent by Church History standards; this rerun is from 2004. Includes Stang rants, Heart Ignition, Norel Pref, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Nenslo, Zappa, nu-monet and the one-man band, MAN (now "Man, Incorporated.") A mouldin' oldie, in other words, yet as fresh today as it was in 2004, give or take 8 years or so.

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