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Hour of Slack #1396 - Rerun of #923 - Devival Rants: Carter, Pisces, Man, Lymph Node

We'll be back to all-new shows soon. Meanwhile, reruns like this one from 2004 are cutting us some much-needed Slack. This episode is a cross-section of a rousing Cleveland devival combined with some choice live ESO Swamp Radio from the late Chas Smith's WCSB show and some Lymph Node Institute rants from "Bob's" Slacktime Fun House (WREK Atlanta). We hear sermons from preachers Rev. Carter LeBlanc, Priestess Pisces, and Rev. Stang, and songs (or something) by the incredible Man, Inc. of Detroit, Lonesome Cowboy Dave's band Mondo Retardo, The Flyin' Ryan Brothers, Norel Pref, and even The Beastie Boys (!).

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