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Hour of Slack #1410 - Puzzling New Rudy Schwartz Evidence

 The Rudy Schwatrtz Project has a new album in distribution, Full Frontal Klugman, and we premiere here three golden tracks (including a cover of SLC's "Pick A Booger") plus a SubGeniusly special promo. Much of the rest of the show, interspersed with LeMur barrage and other chunks, is from the February 22 Puzzling Evidence Show recorded at KPFA, Berkeley, when Wei and I, Stang were visiting. (Dr. Drummond was engaged in an important medical experiment that night/morning.) Subject matters include the "Bob" department store chain, the SubGenius video game and abusement park, and speculation about who would win -- Hitler or Jesus? A Psycho Skeletons cover of a Nirvana song closes the show.

It's a good thing that our contributors spend so much time crafting their segments. We at Tarzan's Radio Studio in Cleveland Heights, where Hour of Slack is assembled, must perforce swing hurriedly from show production to show production; for instance, the credits for this were recorded "on the run" in the Slackermansion bathroom.

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