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Hour of Slack #1421 - DOBBSTOWN!! - 16 X-Day Show with Dr. Hal #1a - Live from WCSB, June 30

Dr. Hal joined Stang, Doe, Dr. Sinister & Lonesome Cowboy Dave for one last broadcast show at WCSB Cleveland before 16X-Day, but then they talked about almost everything but X-Day, and in an unusually lively manner. Subjects include: Blown blue whales. The Moreau Option and maleable genetics. Monsterdome in Texas. Cowboy outlaw honcho cheroot spouting! The upside-saddle. The Bizarro SubGenius World. ACTUAL PHOTO OF "BOB"!! COSMIC DOBBSTOWN X-DAY RANT. Feral babies in Cleveland sewers. The Declension, the Clenched Fist, and The Rulership. Third Nostril boogers and baby devils or imps. Gran-mal paranoia. Giant Women Movies. We are mere hours from The End - Recess. At the beginning: collages mostly from the early SubGenius Media Barrages and alt.binaries.slack (by Stang, Werner, Drummond, Hambone, LeMur etc.); a fine collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie closes things.

This quintet of yakkers went on that night for another two hours of radio on Dr. Sinister's show, Radio Synaesthesia. Clips from that will probably be rerun here later, but not necessarily in sequence.

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