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Hour of Slack #1425 - The Conspiracy is Out-SubGeniusing Us!

Pisces' inspiring improv rant at 16X-Day starts things out… no wait, The Rainmakers doing their greatest '80s hit (a couple of months ago) starts this out. Then it's "Best of X-Day" all the way down. St. Andrew impales gun nuts; Evolution Control Committee controls magnetism; The Mutant Mountain Boys whip it; Phat ManDee out-Hendrixes Hendrix; The Slot Rods ram it home; and Dr. Onan Canobite (via Rev. Stang) explains why the important thing is to SHOW UP. Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang, and Dr. Sinister, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave, do various radio bits, real and unreal

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