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Hour of Slack #1429 - Rev. Susie The Floozie, Baby Bear, Dr. Hal, Pulpo Paul

Rev. Susie the Floozy and Rev. Baby Bear join Dr. Hal and Stang on the Wisteria stage last July 3. After a chatty beginning, Stang springs a surprise on Susie by unveiling and projecting an old video game, Pipe Mania for the PSP, starring HER! Background music/ collage from the DOBBSEDELIASTES DVD is by Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite, Rev. Norel Pref, Rev. Ivan Stang, The Swinging Love Corpses. Subjects of discussion include: night creatures of the Wisteria campground; the nature of the Church and all humanity; baby Rape Bears; Old Sequa; poor microphone use by Robert Anton Wilson and Philo Drummond; SubGenius RPG trivia; testicle difficulties; bulldada as "money" on The Saucers; the tragic story of Paul the Octopus; Dr. Hal, the Human Wikipedia; pronunciation of GIF; worship of legumes vs. worship of clip art. We thought we'd have to edit this live X-Day show like crazy, and we did, but only to remove Rev. Stang's endless fiddling with technical problems. (In the end it turned out that engineer Stang was not crazy or incompetent this particular time; a simple mic input which had been fine the day before had gone bad overnight.)

Photos of this show from 16X-Day

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