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Hour of Slack #1435 - X-D w/ Man-D

Mostly recorded the afternoon of July 5 in this year, which the Con confidently calls "2013," this live Wisterian Hour of Slack features as guests Rev. Angry Larry, Phat Man Dee and Priestess Pisces, with Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang acting as co-hosts. Everything from mud to matriarchy is discussed, and illustrative sound clips punctuate the conversation. Music emits from Phat Man Dee, The Amino Acids and The Slot Rods. Near the beginning we hear documentary recordings of the gathered SubGeniuses awaiting the Xists at 7 a.m., and Stang's shocking public revelation of an astounding recent scientific discovery involving the carbon dating of PORTIONS of Dobbs' famous memo, "The World Ends July 5 1998." Also: LeMur's P.R. Gnus. 

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