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Hour of Slack #1439 -- The Dobbs-Nobbs Feud - Live 2013-11-17

We had so much fun doing this live show that we forgot to post it in a timely fashion! Also, The Time Being threw some changes our way. Friday turned into Sunday and vice versa. The first 20 minutes of the show is tossed best-of, by Glassmadness, LeMur, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, RSO, and a minute or two of Slack from Rev. Stang. Then the live part starts and it's all like vomitous pronunciation of "Bob" as magma beneath crust of reality - practical sentences that sound like surrealism - Emperor God-Man Stang. Wounded foot to Femur Camp. Velveena. Swollen heads in Hell. We laughed at eggheads who said the ocean was tripping on acid rain. Econocataclysm - "Bob" can surf solar waves using a 55 chevy as a surfboard  - the Nobbs versus the Dobbs! With background music by Christian Blatter! 

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