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Hour of Slack #1449 - An Orange Colored Sky - Wake Up, Sleeple! - Live "2014"-1-26

The first half is newly contributed songs, music, and collages, and the second half is a weird live session with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. Music by Cult of Zir and The Psycho Skeletons provide a suitably spooky "rug" which sometimes becomes a "ceiling" for the live talk with Stang, Dave & Wei as they discuss a little bit of everything. Music in the first half includes both a rock song and a cover of a Rudy Schwartz Project instrumental by Purple Johnson Blimp Situation. Also, we have songs on a SubGeniusly theme by Del the Funkier Homo Sapien and by The Rainmakers (from a recent live concert DVD). Some collages are by LeMur but there are many new ones by Rev. Xister including a Papa Joe Mama rant remix.

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