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Hour of Slack #1456 - The Secret of Flight 370

Except for some nifty collages from Rev. Xister of Minute of Slack, this is a mostly live episode from WCSB Cleveland. Stang outlines his theory about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (still unexplained at this writing). Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in and the usual incredibly convoluted discussion ensues. This one hinges on the question of whether we can be sure we have any more autonomous existence than do the characters in our video games and cartoons. Neal Stephenson gets mashed up with Robert Louis Stephenson. Both Dave's phone line and the station's had intermittent, unexplained, randomly occuring technical problems in the form of extra noise, which we of course tried to incorporate into the show using various ruses and sleights of tongue. Eventually Dr. Sinister walked in and joined us so things almost started to make a little sense just before the show ended with the Devo song, "Fountain of Filth".

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