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Hour of Slack #1466 - Are You a Terminator Too?

We couldn't resist comparing classic SubGenius rants with the pompous YouTube rant of spree-shooting Pink Boy Elliot Rodgers. His preaching sucks. Papa Joe Mama's sermon, "Are You a Terminator Too?" was a perfect match. We SubGeniuses will let the aliens or "Bob"," or God, do our dirty work for us, thank you very much. Early in the show is more of Rev. Susie the Floozie's Dobbs-centric collage work and some good old-timey "Bob" hymns. When Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in the conversation veers all over the place, occasionally returning to the subject of weekly American shooting sprees and conspiracy theories about them. Obama is blamed for pretty much everything. There is a fascinating discussion of Dave's punk youth as well as thrilling details about the old-world ancestries of Dave, Rev. Stang, and iDRMRSR, and the royal treasures they are owed.

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