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Hour of Slack 1471 - Rerun of #882 - WAR Vs. X-Day

We're posting this early because the world ends next week, and we don't want to have to stop right in the middle of the Apocolypse just to mess with distributing this show.

 This 2003 episode was one listener's intro to the Church of the SubGenius, and he recently drew our attention to it because he was looking for a copy. We're glad he did because neither the war nor X-Day have changed much, and our 2003 description  remains almost valid: "This is The Greatest Hour of Slack Ever. I know I often say that, but this time it's true for sure. The live ESO shows of the last 3 weeks have been WAR TALK and X-Day Hankerin'. The best in those veins that wasn't TOTALLY stupid, yet was still gut-blowingly hilarious - yet horrifying, considering the subject matter - those clips went into this one. Also, Mister F. Le Mur cranked out noise like he previously cranked out art. I guess Le Mur is now the Slack man's Terry Gilliam to the Slack man's Monty Python, in that he does a lot of the show, yet he's never heard. This show furthermore contains an Artemia Salina chop-up which should get lots of future replay as it's copied and bounced around audio sarcasm collectors. And, the newly Hour of Slacked Hank Flloyd and the Swerving Headlights presents yet ANOTHER great alien abduction C&W ballad." The live parts were recorded at WCSB, Cleveland, for the late Chas Smith's show ESO Swamp Radio. Chas is heard along with Lonesome Cowboy dave, Preincess Wei R. Doe and Rev. Stang.  

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