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Hour of Slack #1493.5 XXX - Internet-Only XXX at 17X-Day

Safe for Work -- if you work in a whorehouse, on a ship or at The SubGenius Foundation. Otherwise, NSFW! Every few months we stack up enough truly FOUL rants and songs to fill an hour that can NEVER be played on broadcast radio. Most of this one comes from ranters and bands at 17X-Day: 6-Fisted Tails, Rev. Teeters La Verge, Rev. McFachfas (read by Stang), Priestess Pisces, Rev. Eggplant, Rev. Rachel Wierdagain, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, Evolution Control Committee, Rev. Susie the Floozie, and more -- with THREE Brags of Various SubGeniuses in it, including the original. Also: Several rank songs by the great band Reagan's Polyp, which has re-released their greatest "hits." Plus: Phineas Narco as Elvis! Lemur's least palatable collages are also included as seasoning. Coming soon: #1494.5 XXX with even more of this childishly naughty material -- "THE KIND U LIKE!"

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