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Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe went searching for America, and found the Salton Sea. After some great musicollage with Lemur, Timothy Leary, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Glassmadness, GWAR, Nenslo, ZZ Top, and The Rudy Schwartz Project, Stang and Doe describe their travel adventures to Lonesome Cowboy Dave, who responds Davishly. Subjects include a Yes Chimp for Stang, V. Swarup's audio book "Q & A", Chameleonalia, the Bone Yard in Tucson, Dave's cough, Wei's mom in Carlsbad Caverns, The Thing?, and a sick clip from John Waters reading his audiobook "Carsick." StangDoe describe The Salton Sea area in grisly detail and play a very strange location recording of animal life in remote Stang County, Texas. American Sniper and The Interview are mocked and Dr. Sinister plays a redneck. The Rudy Schwartz Project performs the Swinging Love Corpses hit song, "Pick a Booger." The strange "STANG PUKES YOU" grafitti in Japan is described. Dave rants about the end of the world and Stang rants about mispronunciations of Wei's name. Dr. Sinister analyzes Dave's protest songs, then the classic anti-religious-nut-country protest song "Kill for God" by The Rudy Schwartz Project is played.

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