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Hour of Slack #1534 - Make Dobbstown Grate Again

We took a break from the canned X-Day shows for a live show featuring several new audio collage contributors: Dok Cosmak, Soren & Dr. Lanulos, and Dr. Italics; there's also new music by The Fantastic Plastics and The Psycho Skeletons. We also introduce a new feature, "Kids Say the Dangdest Things," this time featuring little Donnie T., age 7. The rest is the ever-morphing conversation with Lonesome Caller Dave. Stang peevishly addresses his numerous pet peeves. Conservatives, old hippies, and Zappa fans with thin skins might want to avoid this episode. The way the term "P.C." has flip-flopped is explored as is the problem of insane would-be domestic terrorists trying to explain everything on the SubGenius Foundation message-phone. Then everything else is explored or at least trivialized.

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