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Hour of Slack #1556 - Time Control, Connie Dobbs, Nickie Deathchick

STARRING REV. NICKIE DEATHCHICK!! A good all-purpose rerun of #774 from 2001, centered around various Time Control lessons, adoration of Connie Dobbs, the clock in your forehead, Rev. Nickie Deathhick's sexy sermons from the 2001 Tucson Oasis Devival, and some classic ESO Radio clips in which we describe the strange events at said Tucson devival. EARTH NEEDS WOMEN! This episode is also loaded with collages by Lemur, Amazonia Protectrix, Nu-Monet, and Jupiter Research; we also hear Rush Limbaugh sing "I'm a Nazi," and some music (and news) from The Bran Flakes. Rev. Bleepo Abernathy's Time Control ad is a cornerstone and the capstone is Rev. Nickie Deathchick's bonus XXX-rant at the end: "My Blow Jobs Are So Good..."

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