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Hour of Slack #1557 - 1981 First World SubGenius Convention

Another OLDEST old-fashioned SubGenius Media Barrage -- from 1981, before the Hour of Slack. We started unearthing these ancient recordings for the History of SubGenius online course at Maybe Logic Academy. This is an edited report on the First World SubGenius Convention, held Nov. 22 1981 weekend in Dallas. The early Doktors and Hierarchites include Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Ivan Stang, Puzzling Evidence, Pope of All New York David N. Meyer, Pope Sternodox Keckhaver, LIES/St. Palmer Vreedeez, Hellswami Satellite Weavers, St. Byron Werner, Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh, Glassmadness, Dr. Snavely Eklund, Janor Hypercleats, Doktors 4 Wotan, Drs. 4 "Bob," The One-Take Rhythm Killers, The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer Launchers Society, and Former SubGenius Pastor Buck Naked. This includes several clips of the very first "SubGenius Panel Discussion" which, for better or worse, set the format for most future SubGenius radio talk shows. These recordings are so ancient that Rev. Stang was still sometimes being called "Doug." The recordings may be rough, and in the extreme stereo of those days, but they accurately capture the fervor that gripped the early Doktors and Saints in those fantastically innocent days. We don't usually go out of the way to recommend listening in headphones these days, but we did when we were releasing these tapes, and for good reason. We would stop just short of saying this stuff was originally meant to be heard on acid. Super Bonus: Dr. Philo Drummond sings 96 Tears with Rev. Stang on keyboards!

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